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Compound Radio is your top choice for discovering new hits or tuning into the most fascinating radio shows. With our music curators working around the clock to provide you with the highest quality hits, you’ll never get bored listening to our station. Tune in and let our hosts and DJs entertain you with amazing music, fascinating events, and more.

We would like to thank all the staff who have helped & all the volunteer's who have taken time out of there busy schedules 

last but not least , we would like to thank everyone for visiting the site

if you have any enquires be sure to contact us

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What’s Trending

In addition to our wonderfully entertaining radio shows and broadcasting of top hits, at Compound Radio we work hard to keep our listeners informed about all the latest news and updates in entertainment as well as the radio world. Tuning in to our station will help you stay informed and so will our updates.


Dj/Presenter slots available

Compound Radio is now looking for new Dj's & Presenters to find out more info click below

Roiretni Designs

Compound Radio is happy and proud to work along side one of the most reliable, hardworking,dedicated & driven graphic designers bringing your ideas to life

For more info click below

Compound Ads

We are now open for you to advertise your business on our station, we have very competitive rates

for more infomation please contact :

Email - ads@compoundradio.co.uk

Tel/Whatsapp - +447771023358

Compound Blogs

Come check out our new blogs page which will be updated weekly so don't miss out on our juicy blogs

Compound Events Page

Here at Compound Radio we will be bringing you events throughout the year, 
which include (Bus parties, club events, community gatherings etc)
To find out more check out our Events Page for upcoming events.

Competitions Coming Soon!!!!

In addition to all of our great shows, compound radio will be bringing you a competition page very soon for our listeners to win fantastic gifts.
Also stay tuned, also dont forget to subscribe to us

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Help Fund Our Projects

As a young growing organisation, we intend to help the youth to move forward with our apprenticeship program and also help the people of the community to further they education or further work experience, with such tasks as admin and receptionist work.
we are looking for any donation no matter how big or small to help fund some of these projects going forward.