Voluntary Jobs


1st on scene

Do you have a eye for good news, are you always the 1st to know things, are you unbiased.
If so dont hesitate to contact for further info about this post

Voice overs

Have you got a great voice

Have you got a unique voice, would you like your voice heard, are you interested in trying or doing something new.
If you feel this is for you get in contact for more info.



Work On Radio


Is Music Your Life?

Are you a Dj, have you wanted to join a station, but are unsure if it is for you, well here at Compound Radio we can help you decide your future and also grow with you. 

So wait no longer and email us for a application form.


Is your voice unique?

Do you have a passion for music, have you ever wanted to be on radio, would you like  to let your voice be heard, here at compound radio we are all about opportunities and trying to give back to the community so get in touch with us and we will send you a application out.


Sponsor Us

Help Fund Our Projects

As a young growing organisation, we intend to help the youth to move forward with our apprenticeship program and also help the people of the community to further they education or further work experience, with such tasks as admin and receptionist work.
we are looking for any donation no matter how big or small to help fund some of these projects going forward.