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Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Like English Actor & Professional wrestler #StuBennett (Formerly known as 'Wade Barrett/ Bad News Barrett of @WWE) once said "I'm afraid I've got some bad news"

Have you noticed that when we get this #Mainstream news that it is never good news, maybe on a runaway on #Facebook will we find a #Special post of someone #Achieving something etc, but it is very rare on the #Mainstream news to find #GoodNews.

All we get is the following:

1.Someone in the capital has died today from a stabbing

2. Tornado... hits .....

3.Volcano erupts

4.Theresa May (CRAPPPP!!!!!!)

5.Missing person of young age alerts

6.Donald Trump and his #Foolish Wall

7.Donald Trump (Bs)


So our thoughts here at #Compound is why not just call it #BadNews????

As that is all we ever seem to get

Whats Your Thoughts???

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