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CM Punk (Welcome back to WWE) #HOME

Well last night in the USA on the Fox Channel (FS1) Cm Punk shocked the world when he showed up on WWE Backstage coming out to his famous 'Cult of personality' Music, stating "It's as simple as this,just when they've think they got the answers I change the culture, see you here next week"

It was a real surreal moment because as Cm Punk music hit, Paige says "no way no way, is this a rib? OMG HOLY CRAP"

Now for anyone who doesn't know who Cm Punk is, he is a Former WWE Wrestler,Actor,YouTube Blogger & Ufc fighter (Which he lost both Ufc matches), He is married to Former WWE star & book-writer April Jeanette Mendez (Aj Lee)

Now many people have been under the illusion that Cm Punk would not been returning to the WWE as he has been away for over 5 years since leaving due to injuries and not being happy when the company, not to mention he had been rumoured to possible be joining WWE rivals All Elite Wrestling (AEW) after showing up for Starrcade to do a exclusive interview and he had previously tried out for the WWE Backstage job and seems he had been turned down as he wasn't the right person for the job, or was this the whole plan all along to make us believe he wasn't going there so when he did come it would improve WWE ratings.

But like Triple H said "Never say never with the WWE, anything is possible" , and that seems to be the truth as we thought we would never see the 2 sides bury the hatchet, but oh what a different money can make lol.

But all jokes aside we hear at Compound believe it is only a matter of time till we see Cm Punk back officially wrestling in a WWE ring, but now the question is will he come back with his wife (Aj) one of the longest reigning women champions.

Could you imagining the new power couple AJ Lee & Cm Punk, we will just have to see what WWE has planned in the upcoming months.

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