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Don't Do Drugs

Do you remember when your mum or dad used to say " I remember them from......" or "they used to be such a nice person", and in your head you used to think "what happened to them or my friends will never come out like that"

Well were sure we have all been there in some sort of capacity, and have and wondered what to do to not end up there or have someone we love end up there.

But unfortunately, London North West 10 Rapper (Victor/Vandal/Victorious) can not say the same as this video was shot a couple of days ago, in this shocking footage below he can be seen taking off his clothes at the top of a shop balcony, singing and taunting at the top of his voice as the drugs have taken over his body.

It is not known what drug he has taken, but clearly as we can see he has lost the plot.

The police were called along with the ambulance service and he was taken to the local mental health hospital, were he will remain until further notice.

It is quite sad to see a talented artist go this way and our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family at this time.

Upon this incident taken place we reached out to some friends and former colleagues of Victor's and here are a couple comments they had to say

@redemption_pf "there not many things in life your meant to cherish apart from life itself, bruv keep your head up and attempt to get back to reality"

@bennyldn says "Follow Your dreams not the Feens / If its in the pipe its not right"

Anonymous No1 says "It's almost like there smoking INSIDE drugs OUTSIDE"

Anonymous No2 says "It's a same what has happened here, its a shame to see our young black brothers like this, we have to watch our kids, even when they turn over 18 they are not big people they are still are kids"

@kingpizzlerwds commented saying "I Really don't no what to say i have no comment at this time, my mother always told me 'If you have nothing good to say don't say anything!'

And with that we say, be careful of what you smoke or take as you never know what can happen or ho is watching.

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