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How Not To Be An Environmentalist

In this day and age we are aware of climate change, we are also aware we need to make a change to how we use/recycle things etc

We are also use to the fact walking down are local high road or go to shopping malls there are people who try to teach us about it or get us to sponsor towards it and maybe some of us may stop, or some of us may walk past and ignore them.

But what we don't expect is when we are attempting to commute to work, or meetings, go to school etc people to be standing on a train stopping the whole station from moving in protest.

Now we here at compound believe in freedom of speech and less talking more action but this one took it a bit far (As you will see from the video below)

We hope this is a lesson to anyone who attempts to do this in the future, and we hope this clip can bring some joy to your day as we here at compound find it rather funny

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