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LL Cool J Resigns To Def Jam

As many of you may or may not know LL Cool J (real name - James Todd Smith) is a :

Actor, Rapper, Recording Producer, Author etc from Queens, New York who was born on 14th January 1968.

Many people may know him from his 90's hits such as "Doin It & Hey Lover" which he made under the Def Jam Iconic label, he went on to make 12 Albums and ironically his last album in 2008 was entitled "Exit 13" when he & Def Jam ended their relationship in a tumultuous fashion.

Or You may remember him (Sam Hanna) from Ncis:Los Angeles which started back in 2009 after he left Def Jam and is ongoing currently.

LL Cool J is one who has always stayed in or around music in some form of way, and recently has just resigned to the iconic label who started his career.

It is unknown when LL will drop new music but sources close to the label say "It is coming soon".

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