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R Truth surpasses Ric Flair's 16 Belt Championship Reign

Its amazing to know how the wrestling world has been changing in the last year, with the emergence of AEW wrestling which is now set to go head to head with WWE NXT every Wednesday night, when AEW 1st started nobody knew what kinda company they would be as we seen with companies before who have tried to go head to head with WWE and have had epic fails, but AEW have proved without a shadow of a doubt that they can be a alternative to WWE and that they may be here for a while yet, but one thing is for sure you cant count Vince Mcmahon out he has conquered before and may conquer

again (but enough on the war.

This Story is really about the fact WWE have bought in a new championship which, which many people thought would be a epic fail but has bought many good highlights on RAW & Smackdown Live not to mention YouTube.

Yes people we are talking about the 24/7 Championship or as R Truth calls it "48/7 7/11 Television European championship "

Now it was a known fact that nobody was allowed to beat the Legendary Ric Flair's 16 Time World Title Reign for over a Decade but the closest person who came close and was tieing with Ric Flair is John Cena in 2017.

Well R Turth has been now been the 1st person to finally beat the Ric Flair Title reign with now 19 titles reigns with the 24/7 title, now we know that the 24/7 title is not like the world title and it can change at anytime but the fact that this record has been broken show promising thing s for the future in WWE as it look like #ChangeIsComing

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