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Wrestlemania 35

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Wow were to start on Wrestlemania it was one unforgettable show

from #SlayingTheBeast to #Kofimania

Allow us to give you a rundown from the #ShowcaseOfTheImmortals

The show opened with the normal singing of the american anthem which was song beautifully by 'Yolanda Adams' ( @YolandaAdams )

Then the host of #Wrestlemania 'Alexa Bliss' comes out and tells us she can do anything she wants just by "Clicking her finger"and out comes WWE legend 'Hulk Hogan' he gives us the usual " what you gonna do brotha.... " and does a pose down with Alexa Bliss as that is happening out with a attitude comes 'Paul Heyman' he tells us that his client 'Brock Lesnar' is not going to wait if he is not in the main event and that this match for the Universal Title will take place now

The famous Lesnar Music hit and out came the champion looking more Furious and confident than ever, then out comes the challenger 'Seth Rollins' looking ready to burn #SuplexCity to the ground,but as he tries to enter the ring he is beaten on by Lesnar before the match can even start, he is F5'ed outside the ring and thrown over the announce tables till being thrown in the ring, Lesnar demands the ref start the match and the match is started,Lesnar goes for the F5 but Rollins escapes pushing Lesnar who bumps the ref out the ring to allow Rollins to hit the Low Blow followed by a superkick and 3 Curb Stomps for the 1 2 3 And becomes the new Universal Champion as Heyman stands there in absolute shock.

Next up we had Aj styles Vs Randy Orton

They start the match with the normal tie up, leading to Styles dishing out some chops and Orton going for the #Rko which Styles just about managed to escape.

A bit of back and forth as Styles knocks Orton out to the floor and connects with the Phenomenal forearm, as Styles proceeds to roll Orton into the ring Orton recovers and knocks Styles off the apron into the barricade, Orton takes control but Styles get the upper hand and hit the knee breaker which gets a 2 count, Styles then attempts the styles clash and his knee buckles allowing Orton to hit him with the snap powerslam, styles then attemps to do the Calf Cruser which Orton Kicks him off, Styles goes for it again and locks it in, as Orton just makes the ropes.

Styles then goes out to hit the forearm again but fakes it as Orton was attempting to counter with a Rko, which Orton then lands hard on his back, Styles then hits the Springboard Phoenix splash, which gets a 2 count, Styles goes for another springboard but Orton counters with his signature Neck Backbreaker, Orton puts Styles on the top rope to hit the move his Dad made famous Superplex which gets a 2 count, Orton goes for his signature hanging rope DDT but stops to panda to the fans , which Styles quickly takes advantage and hits a enziguiri and rolls Orton up for the 2 Count, As Orton escapes he hits a wicked Rko put of nowhere and only gets a 2 count, Orton knows now he is on the #BiggestStageOfThemAll and puts Styles on the top rope to set up for the Super Rko but styles slips out and hits a jumping enziguiri which Orton falls outside to the floor and Styles hits the forearm onto Orton outside the ring, then he goes for another one inside the ring, Orton grabs him as Styles slips out again and hits the Forearm for the win

Then we had 'Lacey Evans' come out and do her famous walk out and turn back around and leave

We then see the start up of the Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship (Fatal 4 way)

Jimmy & Jey Uso (The Uso's)

Sheamus & Cesaro (The Bar)

Rusev & Shinsuke Nakamura

Aleister Black & Ricochet

Black & Jey Uso fight but Sheamus tags himself in and goes to work on Black, Rusev seeing this thinking he wants in on the action tags himself in and turns Black inside out, Nakamura then tags in giving out a bit of punishment of his own, it leads to everyone tagging in and out until The Bar takes them all apart.

Cesaro then does the Cesaro swing on ricochet which the crowd pops for as Sheamus gives the Beats of the barron to all of the other opponents , then Cesaro proceeds to put Ricochet in the sharpshooter, a brawl breaks out as everyone hit there spots on each other, they build up to a tower of doom spot which miraculously Ricochet lands on his feet and rolls through (actually shows the real talent of him) Ricochet then goes up top and hits a 630 which every tag team breaks up the pin, back to hitting big spot moves, which The Uso's come out on top and hit a double super kick followed by The Uso's double splash for the win.

We get a video package from the Hall Of Fame ceremony from Saturdays , then all of the inductees walk out and wave to the fans as we get ready for our next match

Falls Count Anywhere

Shane McMahon Vs The Miz

Right from the get go Miz goes after Shane, chasing him around the ringside area, Shane then goes to attempt to grab at Mr Miz (Miz's Father) which lures Miz in and Shane nails him, Shane then Bashes Miz over the head with the monitor from the commentary table, Mr Miz seeing what Shane is doing runs over to protect his son, Shane goads Mr Miz into the ring, then shows him how to hold up his fists, then proceeds to beat the holy hell out of him, Miz seeing this rallies up and goes after Shane, then stops to get help for his dad, once Mr Miz is attended to Miz heads out to the WWE universe crowd to chase Shane,Miz throws Shane in the LED board and mounts a come back, but Shane fights back with kidney punches and also hitting a thunderous DDT on the stage, Miz then fights back and dropkicks Shane off the stage and into the barricade. The fight makes its way up onto the balcony where mix puts Shane through a table and gets a 2 count, Miz building momentum knocks Shane over the balcony and hit the concrete floor below, Miz continues to brutalise Shane following him up on the production rig as Shane tries to get away, Miz hits a Skull Crushing Finale but only gets a 2 Count, they climb higher in the production rig but Shane throws somethings at Miz to knock him down, then they climb to the very top of platform, Miz chases Shane to the edge and Shane begins to get on his knees and begs Miz and tell him he is "Sorry", Miz replies by punching Shane multiple amount of times with right hands, Then proceeds to Superplex Shane straight off the top of the platform 20 Plus Feet Drop,Shane somehow managed to land slightly on top of Miz and get the 3 Count.

Paige makes her way out to ringside as we prepare for the next match which is a for the Women's Tag team Championship (Fatal 4 way)

Sasha Banks & Bayley (Boss & Hug Connection)

Peyton Royce & Billie Kay (The Iconics)

Beth Phoenix & Natalya

Nia Jax & Tamina

Tamina starts out the gate early by cleaning house, Beth comes in to shut her down, then all hell breaks loose as the women start brawling in the ring, things start to settle down as the match continues, Royce with dropkick on Banks for the 2 count followed by Banks with a roll up for the 2 count, Bayley tags in for the double team on Royce and then in comes Phoenix and she gets taken out for her trouble, Kay tags herself in as she proceeds to unload on Phoenix with rights hands then covers for the 2 count, the Iiconics then attempt to double team Phoenix with a double suplex, but Phoenix with her amazing strength turns its round and suplexs both of them ( she hasn't lost a step) then tags in Natalya to hit the hart foundation, covers for the 2 count, as Banks puts the bank statement on Phoenix , Phoenix powers out with a roll through and goes for the glam slam , Banks counters, Nattie is back in and she then proceeds to put the champions in a double sharpshooter, Tamina breaks it up with a super kick , Phoenix and Tamina start brawling, Jax knocks Phoenix into next week , followed but a double headbutt by Tamina & Jax to Phoenix which lays her out,the Iiconics come in and eat stereo samoan drops,they they start going after Banks & Bayley,Jax climbs the top rope as Phoenix throws her off, Nattie & Phoenix then take out Tamina, Banks takes Phoenix & Nattie out, Banks rolls in Phoenix as she tags in Bayley, Bayley hits the top rope elbow and Banks hits a Frogsplash for a 2 count, Nattie with a sitout powerbomb on Banks,As Phoenix heads to the top with Bayley setting up the Glam slam from the top rope on Bayley, hits the glam slam as she goes for the cover Royce dumps her outside and Kay covers for the 3 count and to become the New Women's Tag Team Champions

We see video packages as we watch the rise of Kofi and everything that has happened to the lead up to his title match at #Wrestlemania

WWE Championship

Kofi Kingston (With New Day) Vs Daniel Byran (With Rowan)

The crowd is going nuts for Kofi as also is the rest of the New Day cheer him on at ringside, the match stats with Bryan trying to do monkey flip which Kingston counters and dropkicks Bryan to the floor which Bryan is stunned about, we see the wrestlers watching the monitor in the back cheering Kofi on, mean while Bryan has words with rowan at ringside.

Bryan attempts a headlock, as Bryan & Kingston go back and forth, Kingston hits a closeline and hits the Boomdrop, as Byran rolls to the apron Kingston baseball slides him to the floor, Kingston attempts a springboard onto Bryan on the outside and Bryan moves making Kingston hit his head off the announce table, Bryan then takes the offence against Kingston hitting a various sequence of moves including the gutwrench pin attempts, they end up trading right hands which leads, to Kingston attempting trouble in paradise and Bryan blocking into a small package for a 2 count, Kingston reverses for the 2 count, then bryan blocks a SOS and tries the roll up for a 2 count, Bryan goes for the Labelle lock and Kofi fights out,Bryan attempts a running knee but Kingston ducks and tries the roll up for the 2 count followed by the SOS for another 2 count, Bryan (What a technician) counters the kick out into the labelle lock, Kofi fights on and makes the bottom ropes even thought Bryan rain down elbows into his ribs, Bryan then with the Yes kicks, but the more he does it Kingston asks him for more,then Kingston starts firing kicks of his own, Bryan misses a kick and Kingston with a inverted suplex for the 2 count, Bryan goes to the outside and Rowan stepped into Kingston ways as he follows Bryan, Big E & Woods get flattened by Rowan But Kingston with a huge Trouble in paradise on Rowan followed by UpUpDownDown, Bryan attempts to dive on the New Day but Kingston with the right hand, as he waits for Bryan to get to his feet Kingston misses trouble in paradise and Bryan hits the running knee, but Kingston kicks out at 2, Bryan then applies the Labelle lock again, but Kingston keeps trying to fight him off even after Bryan hits some hard shots on Kingston, Kingston wont die and somehow pries Bryan hands apart, Bryan attempts to grab Kingston hair but that only infuriates him more, Kingston hammers down on Bryan with shots, then grab Bryan hands and starts giving him the Bryan stomps, Kingston then starts to measure Bryan up before hitting him with Trouble in paradise and the 3 count

Your Winner and New WWE Champion Kofi Kingston

The Arena goes nuts, Big E & Xavier come in and throw Bryan's Title away and present Kofi with the Original WWE title, as Kingston's kids come in to celebrate with him and the New Day

Out comes (Hall Of Famer) Booker T out for the next match

U.S Championship

Rey Mysterio V Samoa Joe

Joe tries to get the jump from earlier by going after Mysterio, but Mysterio manages to get him hooked in the 2nd rope and hits the 619, He attempts a high flying move which ends up getting caught by Joe in the Kokina clutch, the ref checks on the arm as it hits the mat and he calls for the bell

Your winner and still U.S champion Samoa Joe

Next we see the video package for Roman Reigns returning from having leukaemia and how Drew Mcintyre has done nothing but assault and attempt to take out The Shield

Roman Reigns Vs Drew Mcintyre

They square up right from the start, and Reigns hits a big Samoan drop for a 2 count, Mcintyre with a hugh spinebuster and a roll up for 2 count, Reigns gets the upper hand with a guillotine legdrop and they end up outside of the ring, Mcintyre moves out of the way of Reigns driveby and hammers him with rights before hitting a suplex on the ringside floor, Mcintyre continues the assault after hitting a reverse Alabama slam which only get a 2 count, Mcintyre then shouts at Reigns "You should have said No", Reigns attempts to build and offence but Mcintyre shuts him down with a wicked spiderman suplex and shouts in Reigns face "I Gave you a chance to get out of this, I broke the shield I broke your brothers" , then attempts to go for the future shock ddt, Reigns fights it off, and Mcintyre slaps him, which seems to fire up Reigns, who takes Mcintyre head off his shoulders with a thunderous closeline then knocks him straight out to the ringside floor, Reigns hits the driveby, sends Mcintyre back into the ring and attempts the Superman punch, but Mcintyre dodges and Reigns goes for it again and hits it followed by the spear for the 1 2 3

"Ladies & Gentlemen Elias"

We see Elias on a drum set and he plays for a bit, followed by him on a piano and he plays it for a bit, then he appears in the ring with his usual guitar making the statement "I will do something that hasn't been done before...." he tells them to "Take a bow, and he will take it from there" , he then starts playing Seven nation army to go with all the fans chanting, he then goes on to do the whole "WWE stands for walk with Elias" shortly after a video package starts on the titantron of the world famous Babe Ruth from 1932 World series.

And out comes John Cena dressed in his #Chaingang #thugonomics theme, interrupting Elias for the 2nd year running, Cena gets in the ring and says "Elias is standing in the ring when Cena about to turn heel" Cena continues to drop some bars to show us he can still rap, even going as far to say "so they call me the golden shovel, so i'm about to bury your push, your face looks like my nuts except you got a hairier bush" Elias incensed at this backs off his jacket and Cena continues "woah woah woah looks like i wore out my welcome, its about time that i left you, so there be no AA for today, but you about to get the FU" Cena then nailed Elias in the head with the mic, Elias goes down like a sack of potatoes, Cena with the 5 knuckle shuffle and pumps up his trainers and hits the FU on Elias, his music hits and he leaves as the fans cheer.

Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels joins the announce team for the next match up

No Holds Barred/Triple H's Career on the line

Triple H V Batista

The brawl starts right from the beginning of the match, firing shots at each other, till it ends up outside of the ring, where Batista rams Triple H over the barricade, But Triple H manages to recover by grabbing a toolbox and blasting Batista in the face with it, then Triple H gets hold of a chain and whips Batista like a dog with it, Triple H proceeds to ram Batista into the steel steps outside the ring, then gets a wrench and squeezes Batista's hand with it, then he uses said wrench to trap Batista arm so he can stomp on it, Triple H is in the zone as he throws Batista in the ring followed by a steel chair, he takes the chair and nails Batista over the back with it and then proceeds to put the chair over Batista throat while sitting on it, gets nose pliers and says "that's a nice nose ring" and yanks it out, Batista riving in pain rolls to the floor as Triple H shows off the nose ring in the ring as the fans cheer, Triple H picks up the chain and goes after Batista who manages to recover and drop Triple H on the announce table, Batista catches his breath for a second then dumps Triple h on the table again, Batista grabs a chair and starts unloading on Triple H with it, they get back in the ring fr a lot of back and fourth which Batista gets the other hand off as he and Triple H end up outside of the ring where Batista starts to set up steel steps on the announce table and prepares to go for the Batista Bomb but Triple H counters and backdrops him on the table behind,which both men go down to attempt to recover but Triple H is the 1st up and does the #Famous Suck it sign before spearing Batista through the announce table, Triple H now reaches under the apron ring to pull out the #Sledgehammer, which he ends out bringing 2 of them, Batista recovers and hits Triple H with a spear for the 2 count, Batista hits a Batista Bomb and get another 2 count, Batista Sets up steps in the ring, puts Triple H on the top rope tries to climb up with him but Triple H slips through and powerbombs Batista on the steps, Triple H hits a Pedigree but only a 2 count, Triple H gets the Sledgehammer but Batista hits him with a DDT on the steps, Ric Flair makes his way to ringside and hands Triple H a Sledgehammer, then proceeds to mouth of at Batista, distracting him long enough so Triple H can hit him with the sledgehammer then hit the pedigree for the 3 count

Jbl joins the Announce team for the next match

Kurt's Retirement Match

Kurt Angle Vs Baron Corbin

Angle starts the match by unloading on Corbin with right hands followed by a belly to belly release suplex, Corbin gains control and starts to choke Angle while putting to his family in the crowd, Angle regains control and hits a series of german suplexs and gets a 2 count, Angle goes for the Angle slam and Corbin counters, and hits a big kick to the jaw, Angles takes control again attempting the Ankle lock , but Corbin kicks him off and hits Deep Six for a 2 count, Corbin attempts to charge at Angle and Angle moves and hits Corbin with a Angle slam for the 2 count, Then Angle takes his straps down and locks in the Ankle lock, Corbin get to the ropes but Angle brings him back in, Corbin still fights, Corbin breaks the hold and taunts Angle with John Cena's 'you cant see me' and Angle with a huge right hand followed by the german suplexs, points up at the sign and attempts to hit a moonsault of the top rope and misses Corbin hits End of days for the 3 count

Next Up we have the match for the Intercontinental Championship

Intercontinental Championship

Bobby Lashley (with Lio Rush) Vs Finn"The Demon" Balor

The match get underway as Balor with the spinning heel kick followed by the axe kick followed by a dropkick into the turnbuckle dumps Lashley out on the floor as hit a dive onto Lashley, he then rolls Lashley in the ring and charges at him but Lashley reverses with a huge spinebuster, he works over Balor a bit then closelines him on the apron to the floor, while then setting up to prepare to spear him through the barricade, but Balor manages to reverse and hit a slingblade, as Lashley rolls back in the ring Balor goes on the apron where Rush distracts him allowing Lashley to hit the Spear through the middle rope and Balor crashes on the already exploded announced table out at the ringside floor, Lashley rolls Balor in and hits another massive spear but only get a 2 count,Lashley looks shocked and tried to powerbomb Balor but Balor with fists to the top of the head ,then with kicks as he goes for a powerbomb of his own which he hits in shock to the crowd and announcers, he then climbs the top rope and hits Coup de grace for thee 1 2 3

Your winner and New Intercontinetal Champion Finn Balor

Next Out comes the host of Wrestlemania

Alexa Bliss tells us that this year WWE have broken a new record and the capacity is 82265

Then Carmella the (winner of the Women Battle royal) and R truth come out and give us a dance break

We prepare for the main event and we get the video package that for the 1st time ever women will main event WrestleMania

Winner Take All

Women Smackdown Championship & Women Raw Championship

Charlotte Flair v Ronda Rousey V Becky Lynch

Lynch goes after Rousey and goes for the disarm her but Rousey fires back with rib shots and backs Lynch into a corner, Lynch replies with a right hand but it don't phase Rousey just seems to frustrate Rousey as she delivers more body/rib shots to Lynch, then he kicks her in the ribs and Lynch rolls out , Flair tries to attack but she is met with some kicks from Rousey and she rolls out the ring, Rousey hits pipers pit into the barricade on Lynch then turns to Flair and hits one on the ringside floor on her, Rousey then goes back after Lynch who counters and ramps Rousey's head into the the ring post, Rousey charges back after Lynch who kicks her in the face, followed by Flair hitting a Tbone suplex and sending Rousey into the barricade, Flair & Lynch roll in the ring and they start slugging it out until Flair kicks Lynch in the knee and attempts to put on Lynch's Disarm her, which Lynch rolls through and get a 1 count followed by a stiff right from Lynch and a attempt and putting on Flair's Figure 8 which Flair manages to kick off Lynch and Rousey rolls back in, Rousey tries to go back to work on Lynch but Flair with those long legs big boot, Then Flair & Lynch attempt to powerbomb Rousey over the ropes but Rousey counters and attempt's to put them both in her Armbar while hanging upside down on the ropes, Lynch breaks free and hits a Massive dropkick on Rousey as she falls awkwardly to the outside of the ring,Flair takes over on Lynch and gets a 2 count, Flair slams Lynch head to the mat repeatedly then goes to the top for rope for her moonsault which Lynch counters into the disarm her,Rousey comes back in the ring, starts hitting Lynch with knee shots then goes for the armbar but Flair to break it up with a huge knee to the side of the head of Rousey, Flair with double natural selection attempts to pin Lynch & Rousey only to get 2 counts, Flair dumps Lynch outside and goes after Rousey but Rousey fights back with rights and lefts , Flair turns it round with chops but Rousey's shouts "You chop like a b***h" Flair responds laughing "I Chop like a b***h" giving her a back hand, Rousey looks dazed but hits Flair with a running kick them attempt's the armbar but Flair reverses it into the Boston crab, Lynch hits a running bulldog on Flair followed by a ddt and reverse ddt at the same time to Flair & Rousey, Lynch covers both and only gets a 2 count,Lynch and Flair go at it back and fourth, As Flair climbs to the top Lynch meets her up there to hit a beck spolder for a 2 count, Lynch goes after Rousey but Rousey knocks her down and hits a double crossbody from the top,then goes for a double armbar but Lynch & Flair counter with 3 powerbombs, then Flair with a right to Lynch & tosses her out the ring then pins Rousey for a 2 count, Flair runs after Lynch but Lynch counters with a kick and a side slam for a 2 count, then puts the disarm her on Rousey But Rousey escapes and runs at Lynch but Lynch moves and Rousey runs into the turnbuckle post as Lynch puts her in the disarm her from the top rope but Flair with a big kick to the head of Lynch, Flair takes over and climbs the top rope and hits the Spanish fly on Lynch for a 2 count, Rousey crawls in the ring but Flair takes her out Lynch goes after Flair and Flair takes her out Rousey and Flair back and fourth As Flair takes over and put the Rousey in the figure 4 on the ring turnbuckle Lynch interferes but is taken out Flair goes back after Rousey and Rousey rolls her up for a 2 count Flair puts on the figure 8 on Rousey but Lynch with a legdrop from the top on Flair Lynch takes out the table from under the ring, Flair attacks but Rousey throws her out then pushes over the table, then assaults lynch with rights and lefts attempts pipers pit but Lynch reverses & tries for the arm bar,but Flair with the double spear on Lynch & Rousey for another set of 2 counts, Flair sets up the table and slams Rousey's head of it, Lynch attacks Flair but Flair reverses with a spear for a 2 count Flair sets up to spear Lynch & Rousey but the reverses and hit a double hip toss through the table on Flair, Lynch & Rousey brawl Rousey with the running knee Rousey rolls through into a pipers pit but Lynch counters into crucifix pin for the 3 count Here is your winner And New Raw & Smackdown Womens Champion Becky Lynch

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