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WWE Money In The Bank 2019

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Were shown a picture remembering Ashley Massaro

Then we are given the Money in the bank promo

Tom Phillip's, Renee Young & Byron Saxton are out on commentary for the 1st match

Women's Money in the bank (Match 1)

Mandy Rose (W/ Sonya Deville) v Naomi v Nikki Cross v Carmella v Ember Moon v Dana Brook v Natalya v Bayley

We start off with a brawl Cross ties Carmella & Brook in the ring apron cover and pounds on them, then uses the ladder to take the rest of the superstars She then does a ladder helicopter knocking down all the superstars Brook knocks her down finally, then Brook & Moon go at it for the ladder, Moon wins that exchange. Cross jumps on her back and Moon lands her on the ladder Carmella mean while hair pulls Rose off the ropes Nattie & Carmella battle as Nattie slingshots her into the ladder Nattie tries to do the same to Naomi but Naomi reverses Moon, Bayley & Brook battle over the title, but Carmella comes and takes them out Carmella looks to he injured and she hobbled out the ring Naomi takes over doing the splits as Nattie, Bayley Moon & Brook use ladders to attack her as they crash into each other The battle continues in the ring as Carmella is helped to the back Moon & Brook battle and Brook hangs Moon in a tree of woe position on the ladder & hits a hang spring elbow into it Brook goes after Bayley and they battle in the ring Bayley with a wicked flip into the ladder Bayley attempts to set up the ladder, while she does Nattie & Rose use each side of the ladder to trap and slam her in. Cross out of no where with a spear on Nattie Naomi tries climbing an is thrown off Cross & Moon brawl, Moon comes off losing Brook uses the ladder to hit Cross in the head as she falls out the ring Brook climbs the ladder and has the briefcase & Rose attempts to pull her off it & Brook swings Bayley pulls Rose off the ladder & climbs, Cross scrambles pass them but Natalya knocks them all off Out of nowhere Moon with the eclipse onto Nattie from the top of the ladder from which was positioned outside the ring And she is left in the ring Rose comes in and hits a move onto the ladder and throws 1 off the ladders out the ring Carmella limbs to the ring and start slamming Rose's head off the ladder Carmella attempts to climb the ladder on 1 leg Deville takes Carmella down with a spear Then sets up the ladder and helps Rose in the ring Picks Rose up on her back and climbs the ladder Bayley climbs the other side and pushes them both down and unhook the briefcase to become Miss money in the bank

Winner & New Miss Money In The Bank


Bayley cuts a promo She came to Smackdown to prove a point and she done just that because tonight she is not just Bayley she is Miss Money In The Bank!!

They show a video package of what happened with Sami Zayn and Braun Strowman

We see HHH backstage on the phone and in walked Zayn as he whispers " do you know where shane is?"

HHH Replies he is getting ready for his match

Zayn begins to tell HHH that he has a problem and that Strowman is mad and looking for him and he needs protection etc

HHH tells Zayn that Strowman is banned from the arena

WE SEE REY TAPING HIS WRISTS AND SEE DOMJNIC WALK IN AND TALK TO HIM We see Rey mysterio taping up his wrists and see dominik com in to greet him

U.S Championship (Match 2)

Rey Mysterio v Samoa Joe

The match starts and Joe with the kicks Takes Mysterio off his feet Mysterio with his quickness hits a hurricanrana, Mysterio runs at Joe But Joe sends him to the apron Mysterio with a seated senton Joe with a hugh chop knocks Mysterio to the mat Joe goes for a powerbomb Mysterio counters and hit hurricanrana into a pin and gets the 3 count

Winner And New U.S Champion

Rey Mysterio

Joe looks shocked Dominic celebrates backstage Mysterio has captured the U.S title for the 1st time Dominic comes out to celebrate and Joe blindsided Mysterio & sends him into the ring hits urange Looks at Dominic and hits another 1 Dominic makes his way to ringside and Joe hits a senton & leaves Dominic checks on Mysterio

Meanwhile backstage Strowman is tearing it up looking for Zayn

The cage lowers A video package is shown for The Miz & Shane McMahon

(Match 3)

Shane McMahon v The Miz

Shane tries to scale the cage straight away Miz with a take down and punches Shane again attempts to escape Miz takes him down a n kicks him in the corner Miz with his Miz kicks in the middle of the ring Miz goes for the big kick and Shane catches him a powebomb pick up and dumps him into the cage Shane pumbles Miz in between the ropes & cage Shane attempts a pin 2 count Shane with his knees and ramps him into the cage again Shane with kicks and throws Miz in the cage again Shane puts Miz in the corner & attempts to go up top for coast 2 coast but Miz catches him in the air and puts him in a figure 4 leg lock Shane screams and tries to make the ropes and calls for the the door and tries to drag himself out Miz releases the hold and Shane tries to escape Miz drags him him but Shane brings in a chair Miz big boots Shane Miz and Shane realise the chair is there and Miz get there 1st Shane says "I'm sorry" And runs for the door Miz hits him with the chair then bounces the cage door of Shane's head Miz unload with the chair Miz picks Shane up and hits the skull crushing finale on the chair Shane grabs the rope at 2 but and the ref stops the count but their is no rope break so why ???? The universe chant bullshit Shane now attempts to escape again Miz grabs the chair and hit the ankle of Shane & climbs the cage Miz and Shane exchange blows on top the cage Miz slams Shane's head against the cage and Shane falls off Miz with a frogsplash from the ropes And 2 count Shane somehow manages to put in the triangle submission But Miz manages to get Shane arms down for the 2 Shane attempts to escape as Miz slingshot him and Shane scales the cage Miz slams Shane's head against the cage then attempts a superplex but Shane wiggles out his top and falls to the fall for the victory

Miz looks completely pissed off with the situation and himself

We see announcement that Mick Foley will be Raw to announce the WWE newest title

We see the WWE officials running backstage And we see Zàyn hanging upside down as if he has been tied up HHH ushers the camera's out the room

Cruiserweight championship (Match 4) Tony Nese v Ariya Daivari

The match starts with a tie up Daivari backs Nese into the corner and takes control Nese the the back elbow and nice flip With a leg drop to the back of Daivari for the 2 count Daivari with a jaw breaker but Nese hangs Daivari up in the ropes Daivari takes control and taunts Nese swings wildly and Daivari peppering the champion as the commentators say Nese takes control and he looks fired up Nese with a big kick from the apron then a springboard moonsault Nese goes for the pump handle but Daivari counters for the 2 Nese with a chop but Daivari grabs the beard but Nese with a forearm Nese goes for the pump handle again but Daivari counters then end up in the corner Daivari chops down the champion to the outside Daivari goes to the outside but Nese with a nice flip and move off the apron Throws Daivari inside but Daivari takes control for the 2 Nese throws Daivari out the ring with a somersault to the outside throws Daivari inside and hits a 450 splash off the top for the 2 Daivari with a super kick & hits the lariat for the 2 Daivari to the tip but Nese with a uppercut and hurricanrana Then the running knees in the corner for the 3 count

Winner and still Cruiserweight Champion

Tony Nese

We see HHH backstage and he finds Braun & tells Braun he will not be taking Zayn's place after attacking him But Braun says he has not attacked him HHH asks Braun to leave And Braun says "whatever man"

We see a promotional for Undertaker v Goldberg @ supershowdown

Were informed Zayn has been taken to a local medical facility Zayn and Strowman will not be in the MITB

We see a video package for Becky v Lacey

Raw women's championship (Match 5) Lacey Evan's v Becky Lynch

the universe chanting Becky 2 belts Becky with a drop kick and kicks in the corner Then the basement drop kick And knocks her out the ring Becky with a baseball slide & whips Lacey into the barricade Lacey attempts to escape and Becky drags her back and bangs her head on the apron Lacey takes control and arm whips Becky into the floor Lacey with the knee drops into the shoulder of Becky Lacey stomps on the arm Lacey with a gator roll Lacey with a illegal arm hold on the outside of the the ring post Lacey in for the 2 Lacey with a slingshot elbow drop for the 2 Lacey goes for a arm bar face hold submission and uses her chin Becky with a arm drag but Lacey with a swinging neck breaker for the 2 Lacey wipes her sweat tissue on Becky Becky gets fired up and hits a forearm as she builds momentum Becky hits a becksplex and with a drop kick of the ropes Becky goes to the top rope and Lacey reverses but Becky rolls thru and Lacey with a big move (version of a spring board stunner) for the 2 Becky with a roll thru for the 2 attempts the disarm her And Lacey with a chop block Becky counters the roll up into a disarm her and Lacey taps

Winner and still Raw Women's Champion

Becky Lynch

Charlotte Flair's music hits

Charlotte demands Becky return to the ring for match 2 Charlotte holds the rope open as the fans woooooooooo Becky climbs back in the ring

Smackdown Women's championship (Match 6) Charlotte Flair v Becky Lynch

Charlotte Ramps Becky into the corner followed by shoulder thrusts Becky with a wild move off the 2nd Rope and misses Becky throws Charlotte into the corner but Charlotte shows her atheism And big boot Becky with a roll up for 2 Charlotte with the chops Becky goes for the drop kick but Charlotte reverses and puts on the Boston crab Becky crawls to the bottom rope Charlotte runs at Becky and Becky counters They exchange lefts and rights Charlotte kicks out Becky's leg And goes for the big boot but Becky with the flying forearm They exchange blows again and Becky goes for the disarm her & Charlotte counters Charlotte uses a illegal choke hold and breaks before the 5 Then goes for natural selection on the apron but Becky hangs on Lacey comes out of no where and hits a women's right Charlotte gets a 2 But then hits a big big boot for the 3

New Smackdown Women's champion Charlotte Flair is a 9 times women's champion

Becky is irate and and attacks Lacey Charlotte attacks Becky And they beat her down in the ring

Bayley music hits And cleans house But Charlotte takes control Charlotte goes for the spear & Bayley counters as Charlotte crashes into the ring post Bayley looks around and realises and goes for her MITB case & cashes in

Smackdown Womens's Championship (Match 7)

Bayley v Charlotte

Bayley hits the elbow drop off the top rope for 3 count

Your winner & new Smackdown women's champion


We see Roman walking backstage and Elias sneaks up on him and hits him with a guitar

Elias makes his way to the ring

Elias has the ring team set up a Stool Then we here the ring announcer say "ladies and gentlemen Elias" He plays his electric guitar for a bit He tells us his guitar broke and he is the biggest star in smackdown history And Mr McMahon told him he can sleep and night knowing WWE is in good hands

He proceeds to sing a awful song The crowd boos He tells us "thank you goodnight I love none of you" and proceeds to walk up the ramp & does a pose and Roman Reigns music hits and reigns hits him with a superman punch Elias rolls down the ramp

(Match 8)

Roman Reigns v Elias

Elias rolls into the ring the bell ring and Reigns sets up for up the spear hit it for the 3 count

Winner : Roman Reigns

But when reigns pins him Elias looks like a dog lying on his back

We see a video package for Seth Rollins v AJ Styles

Universal championship (Match 9) AJ Styles v Seth Rollins

Tie up begins the match Styles back Rollins in the corner an a clean break Tie up and break by Rollins Rollins trips Styles , Styles replies with the hurricanrana Rollins with the armbar hold onto the Irish whip reversed by Styles with a arm drag Tie up again Styles backs Rollins into the ropes and Rollins with the shoulder block Rollins takes control the knee drop for the 2 Styles with a phenomenal drop kick to take control Styles with shoulder blocks in the corner Styles with a back breaker Rollins with a hip toss followed by right hands Rollins tries a Suplex on the apron Styles reverses but Rollins reverses then Styles with the knee Styles rolls Rollins in the ring Rollins with the suicide dive into the announce table onto Styles The ref starts the 10 count Gets to 7 and both men back in the ring Rollins with another suicide dive Then Rollins with the springboard closeline for the 2 Rollins attempts the buckle bomb Styles blocks Rollins with the kicks but Styles reverse with the knee to the back of the neck Styles goes for the Styles clash Rollins reverse for reversal pins Rollins with the frog splash For the 2 Rollins put Styles on the top rope but Styles punches him down Rollins with the cat like agility but Styles reverses with a German suplex Styles with the torture rack bomb for the 2 Styles runs at Rollins goes for the forearm Rollins counters and hangs Styles up on the rope Rollins goes for a reverse back falcon arrow suplex off the top rope and hits it for the 2 Rollins taunts burn it down Goes for the stomp but Styles reverses into the calf crusher Rollins counters out and hits a kick Styles goes down Styles with a springboard scorpion death drop like move for the 2 Styles shout get up and charges into a superkick by Rollins They exchange rights and lefts in the middle of the ring with kicks Rollins goes for the stomp but Styles counters into the Styles clash for the 2 Styles in complete shock

Renee says "what's does AJ have to do"

Styles goes to the apron and goes for the phenomenal forearm Rollins reverses with the revolution knee followed by a super kick and the stomp for the 3 count

Winner And Still Universal Champion

Seth Rollins

Styles comes back to the ring Rollins holds his title high and Styles offers his hand Rollins shakes it

Kofi and Xavier cut a promo

Lucha house party come out and cut a promo angle get beaten up by Lars Sullivan Lars Sullivan headbutted Kalisto so hard his head started bleeding

Video package showed for Kofi Kingston & Kevin Owens

WWE Championship (Match 10) Kevin Owens v Kofi Kingston

They start with a brawl Owen's takes over with chops Owen with the Irish whip into the corner Kingston replies with a thunderous closeline Kingston with a leaping closeline from the the steel steps Owen's attempts a Irish whip but Kingston reverses and sends Owen's into the barricade Owen's tries a Irish whip Kingston agility with the make a wish from the top rope to the outside Kingston takes control in the ring But Owen's reverses with a superkick and stomps on Kingston's head Owen with a Irish into the corner followed with a Senton to the back for the 2 count Kingston crawls to the apron and Owen's ramps Kingston's head 1st into the ring post Kingston flies to the outside And Owen's hits a frog splash from the apron and rolls Kingston in for the 2 Owen's chops Kingston and bullies him in the corner Owen's goes for a Boston crab Kingston fights and Owen's tries a slingshot as Kingston reverses Kingston takes control and looks fired up, Kingston goes for the boom drop but Owen's reverses into a Boston crab Kingston gets to the bottom rope Owen's goes for the power bomb on the apron Kingston reverses and ends up doing a double stomp on the apron Owen's rolls off Kingston climbs the top rope for the make a wish but Owen's reverses with a superkick and rolls Kingston in for the 2 Owen's slaps Kingston attempts the pump Up power bomb, Kingston reverses tries the sos Owen's reversal tries a stunner Kingston reverses wit a sos for the 2 Kingston goes for trouble in paradise and Owen's reverses into a Boston crab and Kingston makes the ropes to force the break Owen's goes for the superkick Kingston reverses with punches into the back of he neck And screams Owens with the pump up sitdown powerbomb for the 2 Owens goes for the stunner and Kingston reverses with trouble in paradise and Owen's rolls out the ring Kingston finally rolls Owen's in and Owen's hit a stunner for the 2 as Kingston grabs the bottom rope Owen's take off Kingston's shoes and throws them, then goes up and goes for the the senton off the top rope Kingston reverses with the double knees Kingston with trouble in paradise with no shoes for the 3 count

Winner and Still WWE Champion

Kofi Kingston

Xavier comes from the back to celebrate with Kingston

We get a update about the super showdown

Men's Money In The Bank (Match 11 Baron Corbin v Finn Balor v Ricochet v Andrade with Zelina Vega v Ali v Drew McIntyre v Randy Orton v ????

The match starts with a brawl Andrade misses wildly and flies outside Orton with a backdrop to Ali on the announce table Ricochet takes out McIntyre and Corbin Orton with a backdrop to Balor and then to Ricochet

Orton climbs the ladder Andrade knocks him off McIntyre withal ladder to Orton and Corbin with a ladder shot also to Orton Ali with a slingshot into the Corbin Ricochet and Ali fight over who will climb the ladder They scale either side only to be taken down by Corbin and McIntyre Corbin launches Ali into the ladder McIntyre launches Ricochet into the other ladder McIntyre attempts to get Orton and Orton hangs him up Corbin get hit with the 2nd rope DDT Orton goes for Rko but Corbin sends him into a Claymore Balor reverses a ladder shot by Corbin and lays him out Balor climbs the ladder, Andrade uses another ladder and knocks him off Ricochet is disposed of by Andrade outside Balor and Andrade battle on the ladder Andrade with a sunset flip onto a bridge ladder as Balor bounces off it twice Ali with a tornado DDT to Corbin Ali with a reverse Frankensteiner Ali climbs the ladder Andrade takes his feet from under him as he he hangs upside down from the ladder while he receives kicks Andrade climbs another ladder Ali climbs also and hits a Spanish fly McIntyre looks for another ladder under the ring and assaults Ali outside McIntyre bridges a ladder on the apron and announce desk and attempts and move but Ali reverses with a superkick ,Corbin chockslams Ali thru the table and knocks out McIntyre Corbin chockslams Balor Ricochet with a drop kick to the outside goes for the dive but is reverse by a deep 6 Out of no where Claymore from McIntyre to Corbin McIntyre suplex Balor on the ladder McIntyre takes Andrade and reverse Alabama slam onto Balor on the ladder Ricochet flies thought the sky and knocks down McIntyre But McIntyre recovers quick and tosses ricochet outside the the ring through the ladder McIntyre climbs and get hit with a Rko Orton thrown into the turnbuckle by Corbin Ali dumps Corbin outside and climbs

Then Lesnar music hits and runs to the ring pushes over the ladder with Ali on it

Lesnar sets up the ladder and climbs and wins money into the bank And sits on top of the ladder with the money in the bank briefcase Shouting "guest who back baby guest who back"

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