I worked for compound radio for my business work experience project which has allowed me to gain confidence and develop my communication, filling and dictation skills. what I have learnt was to have the skill to work towards a deadline as this is a very important skill to have in any work place, or even at school. Also, I’ve managed to develop my network/social media skills which will help build mutually beneficial relationships with people inside and outside of my industry. The Compound Radio team cared to listen to my creativity and I could never say that I was bored because everyday was a new day in there offices. They’ve provided me with all the necessary resources and tools needed for me to do the job effectively which also came with good vibes.
By me having this experience I have now been able to proceed in getting into work whilst also now becoming a part of the Compound Radio team to help others who were like previous self unaware of society.

Daniel Morris


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As a young growing organisation, we intend to help the youth to move forward with our apprenticeship program and also help the people of the community to further they education or further work experience, with such tasks as admin and receptionist work.
we are looking for any donation no matter how big or small to help fund some of these projects going forward.